Chapter Fifty Six: Myth Becomes History


The Roman Republic is founded but its early years are still the stuff of legend. Only after the Gauls sack Rome are we really able to talk about Roman history.

Chapter Fifty Five: The Seven Kings of Rome


Time to meet Romulus and his successors.  The foundation of Rome and the following 250 years are the mythical basis of that great civilisation.  The stories may not be true but they say a lot about the character of Rome and of its people.

Introducing the History Collage and Scheduling Announcement


The History Collage is a project produced by a group of history podcasters.  Each episode has a theme and is made up of short, no longer than nine minute, articles on the topic.  The current theme is 'Unsung Heroes'.  You can hear about my unsung hero on part two of the podcast which was released on 20th November 2013.  Give it a listen.

Chapter Fifty Four: The Wrath of Venus


Introducing Cupid and Psyche from a Roman perspective.  Also we tell two other tales from Roman Mythology in which Venus plays a prominent role.

Chapter Fifty Three: Love and Death


Not a happy ending in sight as we follow three more tragic tales.  Expect plenty of divine interference and a fair amount of drowning!

Chapter Fifty Two: Tales from Ovid


Three tales from the Roman poet Ovid's unique take on Greek mythology.

Chapter Fifty One: The Gods of Rome


A quick look at the similarities and differences between the Greek and Roman pantheons.

What Next?


A quick update on the future of this podcast.

Chapter Fifty: Two Thousand Years Later


An epilogue: How Greece emerged from Roman rule and then fell to the Turks before rebelling and forming the modern country which exists today.

Chapter Forty Nine: Greeks Being Clever - Part Three


More Greek philosophers. Introducing the Cynics, the Stoics, and the man who lived in a barrel.

Chapter Forty Eight: Perseus and Pydna


Greek independence comes to an end.  The last king of Macedon does his best but when there are Romans around there is only going to be one outcome.

Chapter Forty Seven: One More Philip; One More Chance


Philip V of Macedon does his best but he's only delaying the inevitable. The Romans are only getting stronger and the days of independence for the Greeks are numbered.

Chapter Forty Six: The Cloud Rising in the West


It's finally time to introduce the people who will finally and Greek independence. The city of Rome has risen from being an unnoticed backwater to a major regional power.

Chapter Forty Five: Greeks Being Clever - Part Two


A brief look at some famous Greek mathematicians and their groundbreaking discoveries. There are some links on the website to helpful diagrams!

Chapter Forty Four: Some Things Never Change


We concentrate now on the Greek and Macedonian part of Alexander's fractured empire.  The Antigonids do their best to hold things together while the cities fight amongst themselves (again!)

Chapter Forty Three: To The Strongest


Hold on tight everyone as this is a bit of a rollercoaster of a chapter.  Alexander's generals spend forty years fighting over his legacy!

Chapter Forty Two: The Greatest Commander of Them All


Alexander the Great.  A man who really lives up to his billing... even if he's a bit crazy too!

Chapter Forty One: Achilles and the Knot


The King of Macedon goes about executing his plans but comes up against a bit of an issue: his own death!  His successor, though, is just marvellous.

Chapter Forty: Greeks Being Clever - Part One


In a quick detour we take a brief look at philosophy in Ancient Greece. We barely scratch the surface but there is plenty of information out there for those who want to dig a bit deeper!

Chapter Thirty Nine: Here Come the Macedonians


With Greece in disarray, brought to its knees by constant internal warfare, the time is ripe for a confident, clever and determined conqueror to take advantage. Enter Philip II of Macedon.

Chapter Thirty Eight: Greece Implodes


The title of the chapter says it all. More infighting results in all of the poleis becoming weaker and the city state culture beginning to collapse.

Chapter Thirty Seven: The Small Things that Change History


Athens and Sparta have knocked the stuffing out of each other for years. Two men from another city, helped by a fair amount of luck, take advantage.

Chapter Thirty Six: The Talker and the Sailor


Two men take centre stage in the battles between Athens and Sparta. And everyone gets weaker. Again!

Chapter Thirty Five: The Enemy at Home


Athens and Sparta fight to a standstill. One of them comes out on top but they are both weakened. Neither learns the lesson they so need to learn!

Chapter Thirty Four: League Champions


With the Persians defeated it is time for the Greeks to band together to increase their power. Unfortunately they don't. Both Athens and Sparta form alliances with other local cities but exclude each other. Athens particularly goes a bit too far!

Chapter Thirty Three: The Enemy Abroad


At last, the Greeks band together to defeat an external enemy. The Persians are coming!

Chapter Thirty Two: Athens


We've done Sparta. Now Athens takes centre stage. The largest and most cultured of the Greek poleis became the centre of the Greek world and, a few detours excepted, remains so today.

Chapter Thirty One: Sparta


Sparta was a very important city in Archaic Greece. Not only that it was a very strange one. In this chapter we find out why!

Chapter Thirty: Men of the Polis


As Greece drags itself from the Dark Ages an entirely new kind of society emerges. The city states which would dominate the Greek world for the next few hundred years rise and the citizen populations try to work out how to govern themselves. A few interesting characters get a taste of power!

Chapter Twenty Nine: Dark Ages


The Mycenaean civilisation fell and nothing much rose to replace it. In this chapter we look at why it fell and why the following few hundred years are known as the Greek Dark Ages.

Chapter Twenty Eight: The Face of Agamemnon


Did the Trojan War actually happen? Was it a real event or just mythological? In this chapter we assess the evidence from archaeology, from Homer and from the records of other civilisations.

Chapter Twenty Seven: In the Beginning (Again)


Ancient Greek history began a very long time ago! In this first history chapter we look at the pre-history of Greece and at the bronze age peoples that populated the area. Step forward the Minoans and the Mycenaeans!

Introduction to the History of Ancient Greece


A brief introduction to our journey through Ancient Greek history.

The History of Ancient Greece


It's history time now!

Chapter Twenty Six: No More Heroes


The adventures of Odysseus and Aeneas come to an end.  We see what happens when Odysseus finally arrives home and find out whether Aeneas's city ever gets built!  The age of heroes is over.

Chapter Twenty Five: Journeys


Poor old Odysseus. The creator of the Wooden Horse knew he wasn't destined to get home for ten years but he never imagined quite how horrible the journey would be. On the way he loses ships and men, meets a scary one-eyed giant and has to choose between Scylla and Charybdis. Will he ever see his beloved Ithaca again?


Chapter Twenty Four: A Happy Homecoming… for Some!


The Trojan War is over. Troy is gone, destroyed by the marauding Greek army and all of its leaders, except one, are dead. The weary Greek heroes make their various ways home. Some of them don't get the welcome they expected!

Chapter Twenty Three: An Unwanted Gift


At last everything is in place for the Greeks to take Troy. It is not all plain sailing, though; it takes trickery and cunning to complete the quest. Fortunately, in Odysseus, the Greeks have the trickiest and most cunning of all the heroes. Odysseus does not disappoint!

Very Important Announcement


Introducing the new mythandhistory website!


Chapter Twenty Two: The Last Trojan Hero


At last, Hector and Achilles finally meet in battle. One of them dies and the other revels in his glorious victory. Sadly, for him, the victor doesn't have much time left to enjoy it.

Chapter Twenty One: Wrath, Rage and Recklessness


Wrathful Achilles may be sitting on the sidelines sulking but the war rages on. Man mountain Ajax takes on the mighty Hector in single combat. Diomedes and Odysseus capture a Trojan spy and Agamemnon is injured in the fighting. When one particular Greek is killed, though, wrath turns to rage.

Chapter Twenty: Nine Long Long Long Long Years


Unfortunately, for the Greeks, Kalchas is proved to be correct. The poor heroes struggle to get to Troy and then have to wait nine years before the real fighting starts. A couple of the warriors are lost and then Agamemnon upsets his best fighter. It doesn't bode well!

Chapter Nineteen: The Judgement of Paris


All the prophecies start coming true as the Apple of Discord does its work. An inevitable chain of events leads to the launching of a magnificent fleet carrying the greatest army of the mythological world. The heroes of Greece are on their way to Troy!

Chapter Eighteen: The Face that Launched a Thousand Ships


The story of the Trojan War is one of the most famous and exciting of the Greek myths. It is a tale full of friendship, treachery, love, revenge, tragedy and death. This is the first of nine chapters which will tell the whole story of the build up to the war, the war itself and what happened to the survivors. In it we meet some of the important characters and hear about the wedding at which the seeds of the war were sown.

Get Ready for the Trojan War!


We have reached what is, for me, the most exciting part of our journey through Greek mythology. Later this week we will begin the tale of the Trojan War. Paris, Helen, Achilles, Odysseus and the rest are names familiar to people in most of the world and their story is both heroic and tragic. Look forward to an action-packed nine chapters!

Chapter Seventeen: A Hero’s Work is Never Done


The story of Heracles draws to a close. We hear how he completes his final labour and then goes off on a spree of revenge before meeting a sticky end!

Chapter Sixteen: The Other Six Labours of Heracles


He's done the easy ones! Now it's time for the greatest hero of them all to get down to some really difficult tasks. As he goes about his last six labours Heracles drops in on the city of Troy and meets a couple of the Titans!

Chapter Fifteen: The Six Labours of Heracles


At last, it's time to begin the story of the greatest hero of them all. First we hear about the early life of Heracles, known to the Romans as Hercules. Everyone knows about the twelve labours he performed, though he was originally only set ten! We find out what causes him to have to perform his labours and we follow him as he sets out to complete them.

Chapter Fourteen: The Myths of Thebes


A chapter all about the goings on in the city of Thebes. We hear about the city's foundation and how it came to be ruled by one of the most unfortunate men in Greek mythology. We also solve the Riddle of the Sphynx!

Chapter Thirteen: Bull Man and Bird Man


In this chapter we complete the tale of Theseus. We see him reach the height of his heroism and then fall from grace. We will also hear about one of the most famous incidents in Greek myth, commemorated by artists as different as Breughel and Iron Maiden: the flight of Icarus.

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