Chapter One Hundred and One: The Pope and the Hun


And so we reach the beginning of the end. The signs have been there since the death of Theodosius the Great but now everyone can see them, including a certain very famous barbarian king!

Chapter One Hundred: Vandalism


It is the turn of Carthage to get a good sacking and this time the perpetrators are so efficient that they had the whole concept named after them! Worse than that, the ancient city is lost to the Empire as it is occupied by the barbarians.

Chapter Ninety Nine: A Terrible Rumour has come from the West


...but it's not just a rumour.  The unthinkable has happened.

Chapter Ninety Eight: United for the Last Time


The fall-out from Adrianople is severe and long lasting; too much for a teenager. Fortunately Gratian has a plan.

Bonus Episode: History Collage


Please support the History Podcasters' History Collage project. 

Chapter Ninety Seven: Anger and Adrianople


Abbritus was bad. This was so so much worse.

Chapter Ninety Six: The Pagan


Julian the Apostate. Julian the Hero or Julian the over-rated chancer? Brave or stupid? I know what I think!

Chapter Ninety Five: Constantine’s Boys


The three surviving sons of Constantine the Great take over stewardship of the Roman Empire. Only one of them shows any semblance of being a chip off the old block!

Chapter Ninety Four: A New Capital


Constantine the Great is one of the few people in history who genuinely changed the world. His achievements are many and varied but he also had a dark side!

Chapter Ninety Three: Christianity and Rome; the First 300 Years


Christianity and the Roman Empire are inextricably linked. Before Constantine, though, the relationship had been a bit rocky.In this chapter we look at the early interactions between the Empire and the Christians.


Chapter Ninety Two: Cabbages and Kings


The Tetrarchy was a lovely idea. It worked so very well when Diocletian was in charge. When he was gone, though, self interest trumped duty. Civil wars ensued: lots of them.

Chapter Ninety One: Diocletian and Friends


The Tetrarchy: one man's attempt to create an entirely new, entirely workable system. It worked...until he was gone.

Bonus Episode: History Connections


I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it. All feedback very gratefully received.

Chapter Ninety: A Problem Shared is a Problem Quartered


Diocletian shows the Empire how it's done. At last, the crisis is over.

Chapter Eighty Nine: Soon We Won’t Need an Army


Stupidity reigns in a resurgent Empire. Senior officers in the army, seemingly not content with the dramatic improvement, proceed to shoot Rome in the foot... twice!

Chapter Eighty Eight: The Unconquered Restorer of the World


One man, five years, unlimited success!

Chapter Eighty Seven: The Empire Strikes Back


Gallienus tries and tries until the army have had enough of him. The man who follows him then has some instant success!

Chapter Eighty Six: One Empire, Two Empires, Three Empires


If you thought Decius's fate was bad then wait until you hear what happens to Valerian. Gallienus battles on against overwhelming odds after his father is removed from the equation.

Chapter Eighty Five: Swamped


The Goths arrive in Roman territory and cause havoc. Decius takes them on in battle. The result is complete disaster.

Chapter Eighty Four: Barbarians


Incursions by barbarian tribes had been a constant but manageable irritation to the Romans before the current crisis. Some new ones, though, are about to get a whole lot more troublesome.

Chapter Eighty Three: The Enemies Awake


The Sassanids recognise that the Empire is in chaos and take the opportunity to attack. Gordian III travels east to see the finale but then bad things happen.

Chapter Eighty Two: The Year of the Six Emperors


Chaos do six emperors in the space of a few months!

Bonus Episode: The Severan Julias


From the History Collage show on, a look at the four Julias who helped rule the Empire during the Severan years.

Chapter Eighty One: Romans Being Clever - Part Two


It's time to celebrate the great literary achievements of the Romans. And, by the way, Merry Christmas to you all.

Chapter Eighty: The Tragedy of the Last Severan


Alexander Severus was a very nice young man. His mother was politically astute and determined that her son would be an excellent emperor. If only the times had been different.

Chapter Seventy Nine: More Useless Sons


Marcus Aurelius had a son who ruined the good work of the dynasty. Septimius Severus had TWO sons. They were no better!

Chapter Seventy Eight: Famous Last Words


Lucius Septimius Severus was energetic, capable and focussed on running a fair and stable empire. Unfortunately he was also rather too keen on warfare and totally incapable of managing his highly dysfunctional family!

Chapter Seventy Seven: The Highest Bidder… Severed


In the year 193AD five men separately lay claim to the top job in Rome.  After the best candidate is treacherously let down by the Praetorian Guard, the next man buys the throne from them.  The Praetorians, though, are about to discover that their luck has run out!

Chapter Seventy Six: And You Thought Caligula was Nuts!


Poor Marcus Aurelius. Having spent most of his reign fighting the barbarians he dies when the job is just about complete... and his primary legacy is his unhinged son!

Chapter Seventy Five: Romans Being Clever, Part One


Bridges aqueducts, concrete and a new calendar!

Chapter Seventy Four: ‘The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius’


"Don't waste time wondering what a good man is: be one." Marcus Aurelius's thoughts on how to live virtuously have stood the test of time.

Chapter Seventy Three: Parthians, Plague and Philosophy


Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus bring their very different approaches to being emperors. It is surprisingly successful partnership. And then one of them dies!

eBook Announcement


Announcing the new 'History of Ancient Greece' eBook

Chapter Seventy Two: The Empire at Peace


The Golden Age of Rome! Hadrian ensures that the Empire will in safe hands for another forty years.

Chapter Seventy One: Travels and Walls


Trajan's successor could not be more different from the great man. In his own way, though, he turns out to be just as impressive.

One Million Downloads


The Myths and History of Greece and Rome has achieved a million downloads. Thanks to everyone for listening!

Chapter Seventy: Optimus


Simply the best!

Chapter Sixty Nine: The Perils of the Perfectionist


There is nothing worse than a micromanager, even if his intentions are good... except an increasingly paranoid micromanager.

Chapter Sixty Eight: Two Good Flavians and One Big Bang


Vespasian and his son get to grips with running a huge Empire. Meanwhile Mount Vesuvius gets to grips with the Bay of Naples and a couple of towns which are now very famous indeed.

Chapter Sixty Seven: The Year of the Four Emperors


In 69AD four different men held the highest office in the Roman world... and they weren't sharing!!

Chapter Sixty Six: From Hero to Nero


Power is dangerous in the hands of the very young. The sixteen year-old Nero is given absolute power. Oh dear!

Chapter Sixty Five: Uncle Claudius


Things get a bit weird as the most unlikely candidate becomes emperor. The strangeness continues as he does a surprisingly good job. Shame about the wife, though!

Chapter Sixty Four: Mr Grumpy and Mr Crazy!


The seamless transition is exactly that: seamless! The personal foibles of Augustus's successors, though, make for interesting times!

Chapter Sixty Three: The Julio-Claudians


The succession has been on Augustus's mind from early in his tenure as emperor. Death, misfortune and exile intervene repeatedly as he has to modify his thinking over and over again.

Chapter Sixty Two: The First Emperor


Octavian's political skills dovetail beautifully with the practical and organisation skills of Marcus Agrippa. Bye bye Republic; hello Emperor Augustus Caesar!

Chapter Sixty One: Antony and Cleopatra


Who will come out on top? Will it be Caesar's right hand man or Caesar's adopted heir? And what part will the Eastern Queen play?

Chapter Sixty: Et Tu Brute


They're all there: Et tu Brute; I came, I saw I, conquered, etc etc. Julius Caesar rises like a supernova and then disappears with a bang.

Chapter Fifty Nine: And Then There Was One


The very foundations of the Republic are shaken by three more men: one in particular!

Chapter Fifty Eight: Ten Men Who Destroyed the Republic


The Republic worked when Rome was small and manageable. The conquest of vast tracts of territory, glorious though it was, brought with it hidden dangers. Great men rose and the Republic was too constraining... so they broke it!

Chapter Fifty Seven: Hannibal


The Romans come up against their most formidable opponent yet. The Carthaginian general, Hannibal Barca proves to be more than a thorn in their side for many years. Being Romans, though, they learn and adapt and eventually destroy the ancient empire of Carthage.

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