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Above is a link which allows you to subscribe to the podcast; as little or as much as you want.  Any subscriber will get .pdf copies of my two eBooks, 'The Myths of Ancient Greece' and 'The History of Ancient Greece'.

I also thought it was about time to have a bit of fun with history!  The Roman Empire, from Augustus to Constantine XI, had 168 emperors.  Not everyone agrees who should be recognised as an emperor and who was a junior colleague who should not be afforded the honour but that doesn't really matter.  it's all part of historical debate; debate which helps to keep the subject alive.

Contact me and let me know who you think was the best.  Give me your top five.  Who was the worst?

eBooks; subscribe and get a copy of each

  • a .pdf copy of 'The Myths of Ancient Greece' ebook
  • a .pdf copy of 'The History of Ancient Greece' ebook
  • .pdf copies of all future ebooks (there will be another three at least)

Please join me in debating the Roman Emperors.  it should be great fun!


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